Our Services

Sell Gold
Now you can sell gold, diamond, and silver articles at ease. True Gold Company offers a hassle-free solution to exchange valuable jewellery for immediate cash. Payment is made through cheque, NEFT, and RTGS transfer if the customer prefers.
Gold Buyers
Among numerous gold buyers you find, True Gold Company stands unique. The transparent process, secured transaction, and great customer assistance provided by True Gold are matchless.
Release your Pledged Gold
It is highly recommended to reach us if, your pledged gold's interest rates are hitting the skies. We release the precious gold before you lose it permanently. We buy your pledged gold at the current market price.
Free Gold Purity Testing
True Gold Buyers employ XRF Machine to check gold purity. Made by German technology, the machine provides 100% accurate results. The machine determines from which metal the item is made of, leaving the gold intact. We follow the Karat system to evaluate the gold.

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